National Women’s Music Festival Performers
June 20-23, 2024

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  • Cris Williamson
    Cris Williamson
    "Cris Williamson has been a whole lot of women's heroes -- including mine." -Bonnie Raitt.
  • Barbara Higbie and Teresa Trull
    Barbara Higbie and Teresa Trull
    Singer-songwriter Teresa Trull and pianist/singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist Barbara Higbie, their music has endeared them to audiences since their 1983 release Unexpected.
  • Robin Tyler
    Robin Tyler
    Robin Tyler was the first out Stand-Up Comic on both stage and television.
  • NWMF Orchestra Director, Nan Washburn
    NWMF Orchestra Director, Nan Washburn
    With Special Guests: Leberta Loral and Tammy Hall; Cris Williamson and Mary Watkins
  • Bitch
    “Bitch is a feminist force that the world needs now more than ever.” -Yahoo Entertainment
  • Ubaka Hill
    Ubaka Hill
    Ubaka Hill creatively weaves percussion, poetry and song to inspire a positive uplifting atmosphere for her diverse audiences everywhere she teaches and performs.
  • Ruth King
    Ruth King
    2024 Featured Speaker, Ruth King
  • Mama’s Black Sheep
    Mama’s Black Sheep
    Mama’s Black Sheep is driven by Ashland Miller’s versatile guitar grooves, Laura Cerulli’s innovative percussion, and two voices that blend like honey & whiskey in perfect harmonious balance
  • Summer Osborne
    Summer Osborne
    When Summer Osborne’s kaleidoscope of music is infused with her charismatic stage presence and naturally humorous personality, every show leaves the listener wanting more.
  • Miss Brown to You
    Miss Brown to You
    These musicians perform with passion and humor and total commitment to the emotional power of the music they love.
  • Sheena Brook
    Sheena Brook
    Sheena Brook shares her personal journeys through Life, Love and Loss.
  • Leberta Lorál
    Leberta Lorál
    Leberta Lorál possesses a clarion voice that has been described as both Mezzo and Soprano (Zwishenfach), as well as artistry that are both technically impressive and emotionally intense.
  • Rose Vineshank
    Rose Vineshank
    Rose Vineshank has never shied away from owning her lesbian pride.
  • Regina Sayles
    Regina Sayles
    In constant search of truth on her musical journey, Regina Sayles’ acoustic-driven melodies connect you to the everyday human condition.
  • Rachael Sage
    Rachael Sage
    Rachael Sage has steadily released a slew of vibrant, dynamic albums described by Goldmine Magazine as "mesmerizing...thoughtful, pensive and flush with an emotional flourish, all carefully and adeptly executed." 
  • Joy Clark
    Joy Clark
    Brandi Carlile called Joy Clark, “a supremely talented musician and artist … [who] spreads nothing but joy everywhere she goes.”
  • Sug Daniels
    Sug Daniels
    Philadelphia based, singer-songwriter, story teller, and producer who is using the tools around her to capture the emotions of an era. Sug Daniels’ work is as colorful, vulnerable, and charismatic as her personality.
  • Backyard Betties
    Backyard Betties
    Nancy Laberge, Pip Hazell, and Sarah Nielsen, together, they skillfully communicate personal experiences of love, life, and loss through their music, creating a genuine and relatable connection with their listeners. 
  • Vocal Chorus Director, Miriam Davidson
    Vocal Chorus Director, Miriam Davidson
    Calling all choir singers! Join the National Women's Music Festival Choir!
  • Drum Chorus Directed by Rani Biffle-Quimba
    Drum Chorus Directed by Rani Biffle-Quimba
    Rani was a member of the NWMF’s first drum chorus and has participated in this festival as a workshop presenter, assistant director of the NWMF drum chorus, assistant facilitator for drum jams, and in performances with Sistah Ngoma.
  • Ukulele Chorus Director, Jori Costello
    Ukulele Chorus Director, Jori Costello
    Jori Costello, Director of the NWMF Ukulele Chorus


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