National Women’s Music Festival Performers
June 20-23, 2024

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  • Cris Williamson
    Cris Williamson
    "Cris Williamson has been a whole lot of women's heroes -- including mine." -Bonnie Raitt.
  • Ubaka Hill
    Ubaka Hill
    Ubaka Hill creatively weaves percussion, poetry and song to inspire a positive uplifting atmosphere for her diverse audiences everywhere she teaches and performs.
  • Barbara Higbie and Teresa Trull
    Barbara Higbie and Teresa Trull
    Singer-songwriter Teresa Trull and pianist/singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist Barbara Higbie, their music has endeared them to audiences since their 1983 release Unexpected.
  • Robin Tyler
    Robin Tyler
    Robin Tyler was the first out Stand-Up Comic on both stage and television.
  • NWMF Orchestra Director, Nan Washburn
    NWMF Orchestra Director, Nan Washburn
    At NWMF Nan Washburn has conducted Kay Gardner’s Ouroboros, Mary Watkins’ The Initiate, and Nkeiru Okoye’s Phillis Wheately among many others.
  • Bitch
    “Bitch is a feminist force that the world needs now more than ever.” -Yahoo Entertainment
  • Ruth King
    Ruth King
    2024 Featured Speaker, Ruth King
  • Mama’s Black Sheep
    Mama’s Black Sheep
    Mama’s Black Sheep is driven by Ashland Miller’s versatile guitar grooves, Laura Cerulli’s innovative percussion, and two voices that blend like honey & whiskey in perfect harmonious balance
  • Summer Osborne
    Summer Osborne
    When Summer Osborne’s kaleidoscope of music is infused with her charismatic stage presence and naturally humorous personality, every show leaves the listener wanting more.
  • Miss Brown to You
    Miss Brown to You
    These musicians perform with passion and humor and total commitment to the emotional power of the music they love.
  • Sheena Brook
    Sheena Brook
    Sheena Brook shares her personal journeys through Life, Love and Loss.
  • Leberta Lorál
    Leberta Lorál
    Leberta Lorál possesses a clarion voice that has been described as both Mezzo and Soprano (Zwishenfach), as well as artistry that are both technically impressive and emotionally intense.
  • Rose Vineshank
    Rose Vineshank
    Rose Vineshank has never shied away from owning her lesbian pride.
  • Regina Sayles
    Regina Sayles
    In constant search of truth on her musical journey, Regina Sayles’ acoustic-driven melodies connect you to the everyday human condition.
  • Rachael Sage
    Rachael Sage
    Rachael Sage has steadily released a slew of vibrant, dynamic albums described by Goldmine Magazine as "mesmerizing...thoughtful, pensive and flush with an emotional flourish, all carefully and adeptly executed." 
  • Joy Clark
    Joy Clark
    Brandi Carlile called Joy Clark, “a supremely talented musician and artist … [who] spreads nothing but joy everywhere she goes.”
  • Sug Daniels
    Sug Daniels
    Philadelphia based, singer-songwriter, story teller, and producer who is using the tools around her to capture the emotions of an era. Sug Daniels’ work is as colorful, vulnerable, and charismatic as her personality.
  • Backyard Betties
    Backyard Betties
    Nancy Laberge, Pip Hazell, and Sarah Nielsen, together, they skillfully communicate personal experiences of love, life, and loss through their music, creating a genuine and relatable connection with their listeners. 
  • Drum Chorus Directed by Rani Biffle-Quimba
    Drum Chorus Directed by Rani Biffle-Quimba
    Rani was a member of the NWMF’s first drum chorus and has participated in this festival as a workshop presenter, assistant director of the NWMF drum chorus, assistant facilitator for drum jams, and in performances with Sistah Ngoma.
  • Ukulele Chorus Director, Jori Costello
    Ukulele Chorus Director, Jori Costello
    Jori Costello, Director of the NWMF Ukulele Chorus


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