NWMF Women’s Choruses

The National Women’s Music Festival has three choruses, Drum, Song and Ukulele.  They hold practices throughout the festival and perform on Sunday morning on the SheRock Stage.

NWMF Drum Chorus –

The NWMF Drum Chorus was started by B. “Wahru” Cleveland in 2002 and was its director until 2022.  Wahru was known for her ability to “get everybody drumming.” Women come with drums, shakers, bells, and dance. 
The NWMF Drum Chorus is now led by Rani Biffle-Quimba. Rani studied with Wahru for several years, was a member of the NWMF’s first drum chorus, and has participated in this festival as assistant director of the NWMF Drum Chorus, a workshop presenter, assistant facilitator for the late night drum jams, and in performances with Sistah Ngoma.
Festival goers who participate can expect a few workshops, practices, and community. Additionally, those who join have the opportunity to perform in the festival’s Drum Chorus if they are available on the day of performance. There is no skill level requirement. It’s all about drumming dancing and having fun.
Thank you!
Rani Biffle-Quimba

NWMF Vocal Chorus
Directed by Miriam Davidson

Calling all choir singers!
Join the National Women’s Music Festival Choir! 

Join us for an exciting choral workshop at the NWMF. Seasoned singers or new choral singers are all welcome. We’ll be putting together a fantastic set of music to perform on Sunday.

To get a head start, you’ll receive practice files and sheet music in advance. This way you can familiarize yourself with the repertoire at home and we can make the most of our time together. But first, I need to know who you are!
Please fill out the information form by clicking on this link.

Your success and enjoyment are my top priorities, and I am committed to creating an inclusive, inspiring, and fun choral experience. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns. I am here to help.

Looking forward to having you join us!
Miriam Davidson

Ukulele Chorus 2024
Directed by Jori Costello

This year’s theme is The Journey: from childhood to adulthood to the “other side”. Throughout the festival, we will be learning 3 upbeat and joyful songs by women artists: Marlo Thomas (oh yeah you know the one!), Holly Near and Emma’s Revolution, and Tennessee Ukulele Lady, Kelle Jolly!
We will perform on Sunday in turn with the other festival choruses on the main stage! All skill levels welcome, tuners a must, and singing is most definitely encouraged! Practice materials and tutorials given on site and available online, including mp3s, or email: jori@joricostello.com
All the lyric chord sheets, mp3s, and tutorials can be found in this google drive folder:
2024 Ukulele Chorus
Click Here
Listen to Jori’s radio show, Go Sistah Go, every Friday at 3pm CST  www.KPSQ.org